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Year 1

Spring Newsletter and PE Information

Year 1 investigated ways of joining two pieces of fabric. They were looking for something that would make a strong join to make their superhero capes.

Children in Year 1 have been learning about the parts of a church in their RE lessons. They went on a visit to All Saints and Holy Trinity Church in Loughborough to see what they recognised and to ask questions about things they had not seen before. The children spotted, the pulpit, the font, the pews, the lectern and the stained glass windows. They wanted to know why not all the windows had stained glass, why there was a teddy in church and why was it so quiet.

Year 1's Visit to the Church

The fire service came to school to teach year 1 how to stay safe.

During International week we did lots of different activities to help us learn about the Netherlands and the UK. In art we painted still life pictures in the style of Vermeer, a Dutch artist, we did map work in Geography and tried to understand the shape of the UK by making it in playdough. We also made a Dutch apple cake and tasted different Dutch cheeses and rye bread.

International week in Class 3

We had a great time visiting Tesco and learning about where our food comes from.

Farm to Fork visit to Tesco by Classes 3and 4

We are maths wizards in Class 3

Class 3 enjoy doing lots of maths.

Class 3 enjoying their Crystals' Reward time

Class 3 were delighted to reach 20 crystals as a reward for hard work as a class and really enjoyed the reward we had chosen - using the Base 1 bikes and scooters, thank you to Base 1 for very kindly letting us use them. We all had a fantastic time on the playground after the rest of the school went inside after break !! Well done Class 3 I wonder how long it will take you to reach the next 20 ?

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Year 1 Newsletter Autumn 1 2017

Playing the parachute game

More fun in our new class

Visiting our new classes