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The School Governors:



Sarah Murray (Chair of Governors) - Mrs Murray can be contacted via the School Office


Shamima Chowdhury (Vice Chair of Governors).


Committee members:

Sarah Murray (Parent Governor) - Finance Chair, Safeguarding, Quality of Education and Headteacher appraisal - 14.4.16


Shamima Chowdhury (Parent Governor) - SEND - 26.10.17



Zoe Rimmer (Parent Governor) - Early Years - 08.06.21


Jordan Watson (Parent Governor) - Chair of Finance and Risk - 08.06.21

  Ioanna Thoma (Parent Governor) - 15.5.21

Staff governors:

Michelle Cooper - Training and Development

Appointed - 08.10.19


Michelle Lockley, Deputy Headteacher

Appointed - 27.08.15


Head teacher:

Carl Saunders, Headteacher

Appointed - 24.08.20



Sheila Motyl


Clerk to Governors:


No pecuniary interests declared as of 25.11.21 for all governors. 


The Governing Board of our school plays a key role in:

· Setting the strategic plan for the school.

· Setting targets for raising standards of educational achievement.

· Monitoring progress towards meeting these targets.

· Finding the right balance between supporting and challenging the performance of the Headteacher and therefore the performance of his/her staff and the school as a whole.

· Deciding policy and future development plans.

· Upholding good governance and working towards the success of the school.


The role of the governing body is one of oversight and it is not involved in the day to day management of the school. The Headteacher role includes the educational performance of the school and operational responsibilities.


School Headteacher

and Staff

Governing Board


Manage the day to day operation of the school and education of the pupils.

Provides strategic leadership and accountability.



The governing body operates a code of conduct which sets an ethos of professionalism and high expectations of governors.

The Finance Committee have the delegated authority to make financial decisions on behalf of the academy; any other committees or working groups must make representation to the Finance Committee with regards to any decisions that might have financial impact upon the school.

The Full Governing Body meets 3 times per academic year (minimum of once per term). The Governing Body establishes the overall framework for the governance of the academy and determines membership, terms of reference and procedures of committees and other groups. It receives reports from its committees for ratification. It monitors the activities of the committees through the minutes of their meetings. The Board may, from time to time, establish working groups to perform specific tasks over a limited timescale.


Termly meetings are held to discuss:

· Full governors meetings (Pupils and Staff)

· Finance meeting 

. SEND and Wellbeing meeting

- Health and Safety meeting

- Teaching and Learning meetings - including Blended Learning, Behaviour and Attitudes to Learning and Attendance


The terms of reference (ToR) for each governor committee set out the expectations for that committee. The ToR are reviewed annually as a minimum expectation but may be reviewed earlier at the request of the Chair or any other governor.


Minutes from all governors meetings are available upon request. 


Each committee has a Chairperson and a minutes are taken each meeting. 

Minutes from each committee meeting are shared with all governors prior to each Full Governors Meeting and each governor has the opportunity to question, challenge and request further information from committee members.


Governor attendance overview - up to October 2021




Meet the governors:

Mrs Sarah Murray - Chair

I became a governor in 2016 and then became chair of governors in 2018. I am a parent governor and have three children who all attend the school. I am currently safeguarding, LAC and PLAC and quality of education governor. I really enjoy being part being part of the team of governors as we work to support the school. 


Mrs Murray can be contacted at: 

Cobden Primary School, Cobden St, Loughborough LE11 1AF

Phone: 01509 263485



Mr Jordan Watson - Chair of Finance

I became a governor in June 2021 as I really wanted to help develop the school. I have two daughters who attend Cobden at both ends of the school. I am an IT and Telecoms engineer. I really wanted to be a governor to assist the school in becoming the best it can be for our children and community. I am also Chair of the Finance, Staffing, Audit and Risk committee.

Mrs Shamima Chowdhury - Parent governor 

I joined the governing body in 2014. I have 2 children attending the school. I am a SEND governor. I enjoy being part of a driven team and organisation, that is focused on 'every pupil matters', ensuring all pupils achieve their full potential in their primary education. I provide analytical insight to support key decision making for the school.

Mrs Zoe Rimmer - Parent Governor

I became a governor at Cobden in 2021 and currently have 4 children attending the school. As a family we really enjoy being part of the Cobden community and taking part in all that Cobden has to offer. My particular responsibility on the governing body is EYFS.

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