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Ofsted and Performance Data

School data: 


We track pupil data throughout each year, analysing groups of children e.g. All Children, Boys, Girls, Free School Pupils and Non-Free School Meal Pupils etc. We use an in-house tracking system to track both progress and attainment.


Nationally we make use of a report entitled the IDSR - Inspection Data Summary Report - that guides our analysis of school performance.

We find that analysis of our internal school data and the IDSR helps us to identify the groups of pupils who require additional focus as well as helping us recognise and celebrate successes and plan our 'next steps' in school improvement.

It is expected that a school publish its data, and we are pleased to do so.

The data below is the broad headline data for Years 2 (end of KS1) and 6 (end of KS2) at the end of Summer 2022 compared with the previous years data (please note that there are gaps in the years due to the fast that there was no testing during the pandemic).  


 2017 - 182018 - 192021 - 22
EYFS - Reading64.0%76%57.1%
EYFS - Writing59.0%67%38.9%
EYFS - Maths68.0%80%64.8%


38.0% of the pupils by the end of Foundation Stage attained a Good Level of Development (GLD).


Some children began their schooling with particularly low starting points at the beginning of the Foundation Stage. The pupils attained at a lower standard than desired by the end of Foundation Stage this year, particularly due to Writing outcomes through the year. Children made good progress against their personal targets throughout the year. 


Year 1 Phonics Screening: All Pupils Summer 2022

2022 Yr1 55%
2022 Yr2 59%

Our phonics results were lower than anticipated due in part to absences throughout the phonics assessment period. Our internal phonics assessments show that all children made good progress within their areas of development and we are committed to continue to deliver on the excellent whole phase and school approach that has been built across the school since Easter 2021 when RWI was introduced as the whole school phonics program. 


Key Stage 1 results over time to 2022

 2017 - 182018 - 192019 - 202020 - 212021 - 22
 Cobden Cobden  Cobden
Year 2 Reading ARE55%60%  63%
Year 2 Writing ARE57%56%  58.7%
Year 2 Maths ARE64%60%  60.9%
Year 2 RWM ARE52%49%  56.5%


Current attainment data shows an improving picture at end KS1/Y2 from end of 2018 to 2022. The 2022 data is our best set of data over the last 5 years in Reading, Writing and Combined outcomes.


Kay Stage 2 results over time to 2022.

 2017 - 182018 - 192019 - 202020 - 212021 - 22
 Cobden NationalDifferenceCobdenNational   CobdenNationalDifference
Year 6 Reading ARE68%75%-7%53%73.1%-20%Covid Covid73%74%-1%
Year 6 av scaled score103.3105-1.7102.4104.4-2  1041040
Progress-1.8  -3.46       
Year 6 Reading GDS11%20%-9%11%26.9%-15.9%  20% 20%
Year 6 Writing ARE70%78%-8%60%78.4%-18%Covid Covid69%69%0%
Progress-2  -1.98       
Year 6 Writing GDS11%20%-9%11%20.1%-9.1%     
Year 6 Maths ARE68%76%-8%66%78.6%-12.6%Covid Covid61%71%-10%
Progress-0.4  -2.13       
Year 6 av scaled score104.1104.4-0.3103.4105-1.6  102.35105-2.65
Year 6 Maths GDS23%24%-1%11%26.9%-15.9%  18% 18%
Year 6 GPS ARE81%78%3%68%78%-10%  71%72%-1%
Year 6 av scaled score106.9106.20.7107106.30.7  105.12106-0.88
Year 6 GPS GDS   34%35.6%-1.6%  29% 29%
Year 6 RWM55%64%-9%49%64.8%-16%Covid Covid53%59%-6%

Attainment in 2022 was our best set of data in 5 years with children achieving broadly in line with national expectations across the subject range.


Please find below our most recent Ofsted reports and relevant information from the Department for Education Performance Tables.

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