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In science we have covered Sound in Autumn 1 where we discovered what sound is and how it travels as vibrations through the air. We also discovered what causes things to be loud, quiet, high or low. We even made string telephones and tried to insulate boxes to make them sound proof.


In Autumn 2 we have explored the different states of matter. We have investigated solids, liquids and gases. How they change state and the important role they play in the water cycle.


In Spring 1 we will investigate Animals including Humans and will explore topics such as digestive systems.


In Spring 2 we will investigate Living things and their habitats. This will involve grouping and classifying living things. finding out about vertebrates and invertebrates and our local habitat.


In Summer 1 we will investigate electricity where we will learn all about electric circuits, switches, insulators and conductors.


In Summer 2 we will find out all about the famous inventors and scientists through history and how they have changed the world.


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