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Tech Help

Welcome to Tech Help!

On this page you will find resources to help you with accessing the technology required for home learning. The more your child can access resources from school, which are specifically tailored to your child's needs, the better. We would hate for them to miss out, so we have put together some information below with details on how to access the learning provided by the school. If after browsing through the information below there is still something you are unsure of, please let your class teacher know in the first instance. 


I need some help with...

Technical Devices

So we have entered the world of online learning, but as I'm sure you have discovered until you have a device that you can do learning from the learning doesn't happen.

Don't have a laptop? Did you know it is possible to access your child's learning on a Tablet, and even a PS4, XBox or Smart TV?


This is our in school messaging platform, this is a great place to stay in the loop with school activities, get in contact with teachers and access general resources.

Not logged into Weduc yet? See below our step by step guide to getting in:


Teams is a platform created by Microsoft Office. It's used in many work places and in schools across the UK. We use it across the school (particularly from years 3 upwards) to communicate with children in their classes, allowing children to access and submit assignments.

Not on TEAMS yet? See below document with a step by step guide to get you connected:

Soooo... I'm on TEAMS and I've done the work, and I need to submit it... What do I do now?

Submitting An Assignment In TEAMS

A video guide

And if your child needs a bit of help reading the instructions on TEAMS, why not use the TEAMS reader, it will read their work to them!


Century is an online learning tool that has activities and resources which, using AI, have been personalised and adapted to suit your child's needs. We use it most often from years 3 upwards. Struggling to get onto CENTURY? Why not try this:

I'm on CENTURY now what do I do?


Used by Preschool, EYFS and KS1, Tapestry is an online learning tool to help you keep a record of your child's learning and share it with their teacher. Need help accessing Tapestry?

I still need help!

If none of the above documents help you please feel free to send us a quick message letting us know the problem and we will do our best to help. It is so important to us that your children can connect to their learning however please be patient with us. Tech Help desk is very busy so we may not be able to get back to you straight away. We will do our best to respond within 48hrs. PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR CONTACT NUMBER in the message.

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