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Happiness Jars

Feeling down? Need a bit of a pick me up?

Why not create your very own happiness jar?



This is a great way to help children develop their resilience and coping strategies for tough times by getting creative and remembering the good times and things that help them to feel happy. It's also super simple and easy to do at home.

Why not do this activity as a family, you could all do one and then share your happy things... who knows some of them might be the same!


What will I need?

  • Container: An empty jam jar or old food container (washed out) that you have available around the house

  • Things to use to decorate it: these should be things that make you feel happy or make you laugh. They could be googly eyes, tissue paper, stickers, pompoms and pipe cleaners

  • Something Sticky: Glue or cello tape to stick the bits on the jar, check what would be best with a grown up

  • Small pieces of paper: This is to write or draw the happy things on, you could even use photographs to help you remember happy things  

  • Something to write or draw with: pen or pencil, even a crayon will do


So how do I do it???

  1. Find a safe space to get creative, a table of some sort is a good place to start (check with a grown up first)
  2. Decorate your container with things that make you feel happy
  3. Write or draw on the slips of paper happy memories these could be happy memories, people that make you feel safe, a funny joke or something that you like lots. For example:
    • my dog
    • my 7th birthday party
    • Chocolate
    • My mum's smile
    • Joke:
      • Q: Why wouldn't the shrimp share his treasure?
      • A: because he was a little shellfish!
  4. Put your happy slips of paper in the jar, put it somewhere safe, and whenever you feel sad or angry you can take a slip out of the jar and remember the happy things


This jar could also be used as a keeping calm jar, why not write calming things on the pieces of paper instead... the choice is yours. Have fun creating!


We would love to see your creations here at school! 

If you do make one, please send us a picture Via email at: 

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