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What are we up to in Year 4 topics?

Autumn 1(Egyptians) - We learnt about the Egyptians. We discovered all about who the Egyptians were and what their lives were like. We learnt about mummies and pyramids, writing our own Egyptian temple adventures and mummies curses. We discovered who Tutankhamun was and why he is famous. We learnt how to use hieroglyphics to write letters and our names. We also learnt all about the Egyptian gods such as Horus, Set, Osiris and Anubis. We even got to go on a trip to the New Walk Museum and see real life mummies.


Autumn 2(Arctic and Antarctic) - We have learnt all about the Arctic and Antarctic. We learnt all about the different animals in the Arctic and Antarctic and even explored in our playground to find out where they all live. We have also found out what is causing global warming and how it is affecting the Polar Regions and will eventually have an effect on us too. We have also researched the famous explorers of the Arctic and Antarctic, including Ernest Shackleton and his expedition to the Antarctic on the 'Endurance'.


Spring 1 (Tudors) - During this topic we shall explore who the Tudors were? What was the War of the Roses? Who were Henry's six wives? And who were Lady Jane Grey, Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth? We will also get to go on a visit to Bosworth Battlefield.


Spring 2 (Africa) - During this topic we learnt all about Africa. We had a special focus on the animals and different way that people lived their lives their. Our children became very interested in the topic of poaching and so we investigated both how it has affected the population of rhinos in Africa and also why people are driven towards poaching. We also worked out if poachers are actually bad people?


Summer 1 (World War 2) - During this topic we have been learning all about life for children during the war. What was it like for them during the Blitz and evacuation. What foods were available for people during rationing and recipes. We also had a fun trip to Beaumanor Hall where we learned songs, experienced a air raid and cracked codes from the Germans.

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Christmas party time! Thank you to all parents for their contributions to our christmas party. We had a great time!!

Our final Christmas performance of 'Santa's on strike!'

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The children working hard in their new classes over the two transition days.