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Year 6

“Can you build a simple circuit?” was the question in Science. And the resounding answer was, “Yes we can!” The children selected their own equipment, then drew their circuits using the correct symbols.

What a fantastic final day for this bunch. We wish them all the best for secondary, they’ve been an amazing group of young people.

Our end of year production ‘Shakespeare Rocks’ will take place at 9.30 on Friday morning. Come and see the children perform.

The new batch of year 6s will be finding out all about the Titanic next term. Today, they looked at boats through the ages and tried to sequence them.

Thank you to all of our parents, we’ve had full attendance for all of the SATs and a brilliant uptake on the free breakfast club.

Well we survived SATs, now it’s time for some fun. We’ve been designing and making water filters, some more successfully than others. Something like 500 million people in the world don’t have access to clean drinking water. This STEM challenge certainly showed which children have a future in engineering.

SATs begin on Monday the 14th of May. During that week, breakfast club will be free to all year 6 children- it’s so important that they have something to eat before they tackle their tests. Please support us by making sure that your child gets a good nights sleep and arrives at school on time . We’ve done everything we can to make sure they’re well prepared for SATs, now it’s over to you. We know they’ll do the best they can and make us proud.

Science, putting adaptation into action. Which beak can collect the most food? What happens if there’s only one type of food? Looking at Darwin’s work about the finches of the Galapagos

Year 6 will be visiting the Warning Zone on the 10th of April, that's just after Easter. Please get your permission slips and money in to the office tomorrow, if at all possible. Many thanks.

Some great costumes for World Book Day. We had a vampire, two Mad Hatters, Hermione Granger and an Awful Auntie. We're working on Romeo and Juliet this term, and spent time this morning designing new covers for Shakespeare's tragedy.

And we're still reading. In our recent reading tests, everyone's scores had improved on the results from before Christmas. Well done year 6 😀

Our topic for this half term is Italy- is there more to it than just pizza? We will be learning about the destruction of Pompeii following the eruption of Vesuvius and reading Romeo and Juliet. There will also be a visit to the Warning Zone, to fit in with our RE work about Temptation.


Don't forget the meeting for parents to find out about SATs next Tuesday. It's a great way for you to understand the exams your children will face in May.

It's Science week in school and everyone has been busy investigating which biscuits make the best dunkers. We tried Value, mid-range and luxury biscuits and devised our own experiments.

The Mountains topic is nearly over but before it ends, we had the opportunity to visit the Climbing Station. Every single child had a fantastic experience, even the nervous ones overcame their fears and had a go

Our topic this term is Mountains- why climb one? Today we learnt lots of skills that would be useful for mountaineering. If we made it to base camp, we'd all know how to put up a tent!

End of term fun, making sock snowmen. Each one unique.

In art this term, we've used modroc to produce replica World War 2 aircraft. Some of them look pretty amazing.

Another busy Science lesson, this time making periscopes to show how light can be reflected.

In Science, we have been finding out all about light. We've already covered reflection and refraction. Today, we used CDs to investigate the Colour Spectrum.

During this half term, our topic will be World War 2. The children have already enjoyed finding out about the evacuation of Dunkirk and successful raid by the Dambusters on the Ruhr valley dams. Next, we will be moving on to study the Holocaust- using our class novel, The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, as a starting point.

We've been making Ancient Greek inspired tiles in Art this term

We're still reading 😀

We've been investigating changing the voltage in circuits

We made totems as part of our USA topic

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